Parent Information ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Eastbourne and Upper Hutt Services

These services are run by Metlink. Click here for the timetable and route information for these services.

All students travelling on a Metlink bus service will need to pay using a Snapper card.

Students should be sure to check the route number and destination, rather than the colour of the bus, before they get on board. 

Other Metlink Services

There are a number of other bus routes which, although they are not specific St Oran’s College services, may assist your daughter in her travel to and from school. Please see the Metlink website for further information.

Whiby Bus Service

Transit operates a bus through Plimmerton and Whiby. The timetable for Term 1, 2024 can be found here

Train Services 

Metlink is introducing Snapper as an electronic payment method across the Metlink rail network during November 2022. More information is available from the Snapper on Rail website or you can call Metlink’s Contact Centre on 0800 801 700. 

To request leave for your daughter, please email the Principal, Ms Amanda Gibbs at and CC [email protected].  You will then be sent a letter letting you know if the leave you have requested is explained or approved.

It is really important that families understand the impact of leave on both class work and assessments. Leave from school falls into two categories: Explained and Approved.

‘Approved’ leave is okayed by the school, and includes planned non attendance due to national/local representation in a sporting or cultural event. You will need to speak to your teacher and the principal’s nominee about assessments that occur or are due during this time. You will need to complete these before you leave.

‘Explained’ leave is not okayed by the school e.g. a family holiday to Queenstown. It is your responsibility to catch up on missed work. Missing an assessment due to explained leave may result in you receiving a not achieved grade.

If you have a letter from the principal saying your absence is APPROVED this means you can work with your teacher to find a time to do the assessment, or have extra days to complete the assignment. If the letter has EXPLAINED, this is NOT an acceptable reason to have an extension.

Group Assessment  - Check the procedures in the subject course handout for the sciences, drama and other courses which have group assessments. Rescheduling of dates may need to be agreed to by the whole group and the teacher if a group member is absent. If a group member truants class to prevent the assessment taking place on the specified date, that person will receive a not achieved grade for the assessment task.

Our school app is now available from the App Store and Google Play or click here.   The links are also on our website at the bottom of the screen.   Once opened you will be asked if you would like St Oran’s College to send you notifications, select allow.  Some Android phones maybe set to automatically allow notifications so you will not get a message.

Facebook- Links to our school official facebook page.

Forms – This links to online forms that are on our website, Most sports forms are hidden for now, as your daughter would already been enrolled. More will appear at the beginning of the year.