Being umpires, we consider ourselves priviledged to be of support to the TCB family and to the wider Baseball community in NZ.  Each of us has the same goal,.."to do the best we can to provide a safe and fair environment for all our players from T-ball to Premiers."

Of course we love the game and find it exciting to be a part, to watch as players grow in skill and character. It is not always an easy job but it is rewarding.

Being an umpire allows some great benefits:

  • You get the best seat in the house!
  • Participation the fastest growing sport in NZ!
  • A vital support role for the game you love!
  • An opportunity to return back to the baseball community! 
  • It is not static and allows good Physical conditioning!
  • Mental conditioning, being involved will keep you sharp!
  • Challenging, grow from beginner to advanced Umpiring!
  • Friendship, Umpires enjoy the support and community of other umpires.!