Tauranga Racecourse, St Leger Grandstand,  1383 Cameron Rd, Greerton, Tauranga.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

All Students. Set up from 5.45pm [or earlier]

Training Starts from 6pm - 7.30pm.

You can  turn up to the above venue on club nights and meet us and have a no obligation  training,

or contact us through the contact tab. There is no training on most Public Holidays.


You must complete our Registration Form before training commences.

Training Fees are due with registration form at your first session.

Once part of Club Training fees due at the start of each training Term.[Within two weeks of commencement]

Uniform - Dobok
A good quality uniform of the WT style is required for your first grading. Prior to this comfortable loose fitting clothes are fine.
Uniforms are available from Tauranga Taekwondo priced from $60 depending on size & quality.

All belts are now sold separately.

Fees due in the first week or at latest second week of each term.

Senior class;
Individual        $130           per term
Family              $230          "      "          2 people
Family              $300          "      "          3 people

There are 4 terms in the year based on school terms.


As you make your way through the Taekwondo learning process you will reach levels at which you can Grade to the next belt colour.

Gradings are available up to 2 times per year at roughly 6 monthly intervals.

Belt Colours: White - Yellow - Green - Blue - Red - Black with tabs between each full colour belt above.

Each new belt represents your progress through this great learning program. You will only grade to the next belt when your Instructor considers you ready, this requires commitment and attendance. Each new belt achieved brings with it enhanced self confidence and self esteem.

Grading fees are $30 -$45 per grading per person
for colour belts.