Timaru Celtic Rugby Football Club

Club Trophies For Players

1.  The Captain A E Pennefeather Cup
was presented in 1937 after having seen our depleted senior team of thirteen players hold a strong Temuka team to a 13 all draw at Fraser Park in late 1930`s. The criteria for the individual to win the trophy as the best all rounder on and off the field of play in club senior team. The Captain was a retired British Army Captain with no allegiance to our club.

2. The Rev Father J Hagney Cup
was presented by Father during his term as Club Chaplin during the 1950`s. This trophy is won by the best all rounder in the Senior B team, both on and off the field each season.

3. The Joe Rosevear Cup
for the most improved player in the Senior team each season, was presented in 1960 to the club by the Rosevear Family in memory of their father. He served a club record of eight years as President during the 20`s and 30`s when things were "rugged".

4. WJ Stevenson Goal Kicking Trophy  
for all afternoon grades was given by the named donor in the 1950`s. The donor was mine host at the time of the now demolished Commercial Hotel and because of its intense Celtic patronage was commonly named the Vatican!

5. The Norman Joyce Memorial Trophy  
was presented in 1963 by the late John McAteer in memory of Norman Joyce who was killed in the World War 11 conflict in Italy. This is the club`s only trophy dedicated over two world wars to a deceased service person. The intention of this trophy was that it be held annually by the player scoring most tries below senior grade in a season.

6. The O`Connor - Richardson Rose Bowl  
was gifted to the club stalwarts Mick (O`Connor) and Bill (Richardson) for lower grade tackling below senior level, in 1949. These two supporters were in the building trade.

7. The Basil O`Loughlin Cup
was presented by the Hibernian Hotel Social Club in 1970`s as a reminder of a dedicated member of Celtic. As an individual fund raiser for the club he was unsurpassed in the mind of the writer as well as informant of the hours trading offences on Saturday nights- six o`clock closing of hotels in Basil`s time. The awarding of this trophy is done each year by the current president.

8. The Jim Cole Memorial Trophy  
presented by his wife Josie and daughters. First awarded in 1981. He first joined Celtic after playing at St Kevin`s College and joined our third grade but was soon promoted to our senior team which he captained for some seasons. During which time the club won the local senior championship and Skinner Cup. Jim played many rep. games and in the writers option he was one of the most elusive wing three quarters in the last fifty years. This trophy is awarded to the person who achieves the highest goals throughout the season at their chosen sport.

9. Terry Murphy Memorial  
was presented to the club by Terry`s parents, Mr Des And Mrs Trish Murphy, now residing in Temuka. Terry was a dedicated member of our Senior team and bought honor to the club by being selected for All Black Colt and junior teams on both occasions as a front row forward. This trophy is awarded annually to the most promising club forward.