Timaru Celtic Rugby Football Club

Collins Cup played for against Dunedin RFC Dunedin.                          

The Stuart Frew and Alf Waters Trophy against Harlequins

McCarthy Memorial Trophy and Bill Harding Cup against Pareora

Sugrue Challenge Cup with Pleasant Point                                            

Hynes Memorial Trophy against Waimate RFC                                  

Len King Trophy against MacKenzie RFC                                                  

Vern Brosnahan Trophy played against Harlequins

Smith-Moore Cup played for against Ashburton Celtic RFC    

Holmes Cup played for against Geraldine RFC                                          

McIntosh Cup played for against Old Boys RFC

"The Origins of Inter-Club Trophies"  

The Collins Cup played between Dunedin Club, Dunedin and Celtic Seniors could easily be the oldest inter-club trophy in the South Island, being first played for in 1936. The late Mr Leo Collins had his playing days for Celtic curtailed by a leg injury whilst playing the game in the early 1930`s, after which he presented the cup. He served as president in 1934 and in later years was club delegate for SCRFU.  As an after thought this trophy was originally played for on Easter Saturday each year on a home and away basis with teams leaving on Good Friday and returning sometime Easter Monday.

The Stuart Frew and Alf Waters Trophies now played for between Celtic and Harlequins Club senior teams were originally played for against former Zingari club, with the former trophy played in the first round and the later trophy in the second round. Both of these memorial trophies were presented by the next of kin of these  Zingari stalwarts over 50 years ago. The late Stuart Frew played his early rugby with Celtic and later was club captain of the defunct Zingari Club.

The McCarthy Memorial Trophy was presented in 1987 by relatives of the late Pat and Chris McCarthy who played for Celtic and Pareora rugby clubs respectively. The brothers were tragically killed in a fishing boat mishap. The handsome trophy is played for by the most senior Pareora club team and corresponding Celtic team.

The Bill Harding Cup was presented by his wife Josie after Bill was accidently killed in a motor mishap adjacent to Celtic Sports Grounds. This trophy is played for with Pareora rugby under similar conditions to the McCarthy Trophy.

The Sugrue Challenge Cup played by annually against Pleasant Point club senior team was presented by Sugrue brothers, Bill, Kevin and Frank. Usually played as a first round trophy each season, it was first played for in 1984.

The Mervyn Hynes Memorial Trophy was presented by Mr P S Hynes in 1986 on behalf of the family and is played for annually always at the Waimate Club grounds between the senior teams.

The Vern Brosnahan Trophy was originally played for between the now defunct Star Club and Celtic senior teams, but is now played for anually during first round with Harlequin seniors. Vern played his early club rugby for Celtic before joining the Star Club.

Smith-Moore Cup played for annually since the 1950`s between senior teams from Timaru and Ashburton, Celtic participating. The late Jack Smith and late Gordon Moore were presidents and later life members of their respective clubs.

Holmes Cup was presented by Mr and Mrs Alan Holmes of Geraldine and is played for annually by both senior teams. This trophy was first played for in 1998.

McIntosh Cup was presented, in 1985, in memory of Ian McIntosh, a dedicated past secretary of Celtic Rugby Club by his wife Rachel and his brother Ewan. This trophy is played for during the first round against Old Boys seniors annually.

The Len King Trophy was presented by President elect of the South Canterbury RFU who is a keen supporter of the Celtic and MacKenzie Rugby Clubs. The trophy is awarded to the senior team scoring the most tries after two rounds.