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Congratulations to the following recipients for TNH Junior Awards 2024

U10 Girls Black MVP Piper Chan Chui 

U10 Girls Black Coaches Award Harper Curtis 

U10 Girls Maroon MVP Maria Ale 

U10 Girls Maroon Coaches Award Alexis Waipouri 

U10 Girls White MVP Lily Purdom

U10 Girls White Coaches Award Liv Allen 

U10 Girls White Best AttackMeleane Taukolo

U10 Girls White Best Defense Maia Tomoti-Munoz 

U10 Boys Black MVP Tyler Hopping

U10 Boys Black Coaches Award Theo Hieleson 

U10 Boys Black Coaches Award Ingle Wood 

U10 Boys Maroon Coches AwardSimione Drotini

U10 Boys Maroon Coaches Award Adam Drotini 

U12 Boys Pango MVP Nixon Robinson-Lea'aetoa

U12 Boys Pango Coaches Award Kora Tali

U12 Boys Maroon MVPTavahi Fonua-Brown

U12 Boys Maroon Coaches Award Te Wairangi Heremaia-Ngatai

U12 Boys Maroon Coaches Award Odhran O Donnell

U12 Boys Silver MVPLouie Bosley

U12 Boys Silver Coaches Award Havila Taukolo

U12 Boys Gold MVP Kaedyn Tumahai-Fox

U12 Boys Gold Coaches Award Laione Aulika 

U12 Boys Red MVP Marshall Weller 

U12 Boys Red Coaches Award Cade Randell 

U12 Boys White MVP Niwa Belshaw

U12 Boys White Coaches Award Henry Ryder 

U12 Girls Black MVP Savannah Bain 

U12 Girls Black Coaches Award Brooke McCabe 

U12 Girls Maroon MVP Charli Stokes 

U12 Girls Maroon MVP Elliot Chan chui 

U12 Girls Maroon Coaches Award Alexis Waru 

U12 Girls White MVP Monique Wright 

U12 Girls White Coaches Award Tara Young 

U14 Girls Black MVP  Rhia Stokes 

U14 Girls Black Coaches AwardLucia Sanna 

U14 Girls Maroon MVP Bella Narbey

U14 Girls Maroon Coaches Award Ashtyn Lauvale 

U14 Girls White MVP Lauren Williams 

U14 Girls White Coaches Award Kaylan Nasmith 

U14 Girls Red Most ConsistentLeah Palmer

U14 Girls Red Most ImprovedSavanna Beaumont 

U14 Boys Black MVP Xavier Smith 

U14 Boys Black Coaches Award Rocco Chapman 

U14 Boys Maroon MVP Quinn Thompson

U14 Boys Maroon Coaches Award Lincoln Blitvich-Young

U14 Boys White MVP Nehemiah Mohenoa 

U14 Boys White Coaches Award Tim Butler 

U14 Boys Red MVP Corbin Sullivan 

U14 Boys Red Coaches Award Jake Eru 

Manager of the Year Kelly Eastgate 

Coach of the Year Cody Walker

Team of the Year U12 Boys Pango

Thank you to all coaches, managers, players and supporters for 2024 season!

Congratulations to all players for receiving awards at Youth Prize Giving 2024.​​​​​​​