The Sheryll Roy Shield for Most Valuable Player

Sheryll Roy made an enormous contribution to Dunedin netball, and particularly to Albion and University Albion Netball Clubs. She demanded excellence from all players, and was very well respected by everyone lucky enough to be coached by her. In her memory, the Club has established the Sheryll Roy Shield to recognise the player who has excelled during the season.

Recipients of the Sheryll Roy Shield:

2023 Lose Fainga’anuku

2022 Grace Southby

2021 Not awarded

2020 Analise Cowie

2019 Rachel Beattie

2018 Bridget Welsh

2017 Abby Johnson

2016 Sam Hollows

2015 Rachel Horrocks

2014 Bridget Thayer

​​​​​​​The Doreen Tucker Cup for Contribution to the Club

Doreen Tucker played, coached and umpired for Albion Netball for many decades before she helped amalgamate University Albion netball in 2002. She also ran the announcers’ box at Edgar centre for as long as anyone can remember! In 2016 Doreen was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal for contributions to netball. To honour her life-long commitment to the sport, the club awards the Doreen Tucker Cup to the player who contributes the most to the club.

Recipients of the Doreen Tucker Cup:

2023 Bridget Thayer

2022 Grace Lemon

2021 Sian Horn & Annie Racklyeft

2020 Laura Robson

2019 Jana Lerm

2018 Sophie Currie & Bridget Welsh

2017 Anna Barnham & Breanna Whiting

2016 Hannah Cowie

2015 Zara Taylor

2014 Nicole Ross

The Ana North Memorial Trophy for the Most Competitive Senior Grade Team

Ana North played netball for University Netball up to 2001 when she was tragically killed in a road accident. Her parents donated a cup to the club in her name. The trophy is for the most competitive senior grade team.

Teams awarded the Ana North Memorial Trophy:

2023 University Albion Red and University Albion Silver

2022 University Albion Blue

2021 University Albion Red

2020 University Albion White

2019 University Albion Gold

2018 University Albion White

2017 University Albion Black

2016 University Albion Silver and University Albion Red

2015  University Albion Yellow

2014 University Albion White and University Albion Blue

2013 University Albion White

2012 University Albion White