The Sporty Team - About us

​​​​​​​About us - sport starts here is New Zealand's flagship digital platform for organising sports and education communities.

Sporty provides websites, online registrations, member management, competition management and eCommerce solutions to over half of all sports clubs and associations, as well as over a thousand Kiwi schools.

This cloud based technology makes it easy to manage, administer and participate in sport and education at all levels.

Sportsground is the preferred provider of Netball New Zealand, New Zealand Football, Touch NZ, NZ Rugby League, and over thirty other national sports organisations.​​

The Directors and Shareholders of Sportsground Ltd
​​​​​​​Wayne Norrie (Chair), Jo Perry, Mike Purchas, Sir Stephen Tindall, Hamish Whyte, John Stace, Sir Graeme Avery

Sporty is making a real difference by:

1.  Helping improve community wellbeing from increased participation in sport & recreation.

2.  Making smart technology simple to help people organise sport & education communities.

3.  Improving cohesion between governing bodies, associations, schools and clubs.

4.  Increasing professionalism and pride in the way schools and sports are promoted online.

5. Reducing the burden of administration on volunteers.

6. Helping retain knowledge that is often lost when volunteers or staff change.

7.  Reducing waste in terms of time, avoidable costs, and duplication of effort.

8.  Sharing knowledge to help our clients avoid replicating mistakes.

Most of what we do is free. We are digital enablers for sport throughout New Zealand.

Sporty helps create healthier communities.