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Case Study: MotorSport Digital Licences and CRM

About MotorSport New Zealand

MotorSport New Zealand (MSNZ) is the national governing body appointed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) as the sole authority to regulate and oversee motorsport in New Zealand. This includes the sanctioning of events and the management of all licences for competitors and officials throughout New Zealand.

The Challenge

MSNZ had been using a legacy database system and custom software that was developed many years ago. The technology stack had become outdated and it was expensive to make changes. Licences were printed on plastic cards similar to a civilian Drivers' Licence and then posted to people, resulting in unnecessary expense in printing and postage, and it could take days before a person would receive their licence.

The Solution - 1. Digital Licences

The new platform is supplied as a turnkey software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution by Sportsground Ltd ( The working title for the solution is It leverages off the existing platform and gives MSNZ the ability to issue a digital licence via mobile app instantly and also provides a separate mobile app that officials can use to validate licences, record infringements and perform other functions such as vehicle inspections.

MotorSport NZ was already committed to helping minimise and offset the sport’s carbon emissions. We're pleased to help remove the use of plastic for licences.

– Mike Purchas, CEO,

The Solution - 2. Event Sanctioning and Management

MSNZ manages a calendar of over 600 sanctioned motorsport events per year that are organised by its affiliated clubs and regional bodies. The solution from Sporty includes an Event Management module that enables event organisers to apply for an event to be sanctioned and added to the national calendar. This supports the ability to submit supporting documentation such as Supplementary Regulations and a a Health & Safety Plan. It provides an automated workflow for MSNZ to receive, review and sanction (approve) events. Event organisers can see all their event applications in one place and easily see the status of each.

Once an event has been sanctioned by MSNZ, it automatically becomes visible on the national events Calendar with links for people to view details and to enter the event.  The solution also lets event organisers receive entries into their events, including managing payments online. Entrants can then digitally sign-in to an event. Event Organisers get a database view of the entrants for each event. They can also use the platform to perform other functions, such as competition management, financial management and stakeholder communication.

“The new event sanctioning and event entry system has saved hours of manual work for each event, and streamlines the process for entrants” ​​​​​​​

The Solution - 3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Each digital licence includes a visual traffic light system that clearly shows the status of a competitor or vehicle. For example, a licence that displays a red light prevents suspended drivers or vehicles from racing. An orange/amber light indicates that an action needs to be take before the driver or vehicle can race, such as paying outstanding fees. A green light shows the driver and vehicle are ready to race.

The mobile apps can work offline when internet is unavailable.  Once connected, all activity within the mobile apps updates automatically to the member management system (CRM). So MSNZ gets a central view of each event from when it is created, to people entering into the event, then participating on race day, then seeing event reporting including injuries, penalties, complaints, and protests.

The CRM allows MSNZ to know its participants and obtain the business insights needed to make data driven decisions for the sport.

"The shift of MotorSport to the platform has helped modernise and future-proof the sport"​​​​