• Where & When: 

  • Tuesdays 6-9pm:
  • Hillcrest High School - Large Gym ,                             
  • Saturdays 5-7pm:
  • Hillcrest High School - Large Gym:
  • Sparing for seniors and intermediates 5-7pm.

  • Fees:

Refer to Club for fees at the venue.

Once fees are paid, members can participate on both Tuesdays and Saturdays

Fees are paid by every person, and are targeted toward:
• Paying for the hire of the venue for club nights, the cost of tournament venues and associated tournament costs.
• Purchasing equipment necessary for the club to function in an ongoing and relevant manner. That is; new visual gear for beginners until they can purchase their own and ultimately electric equipment for club use.

  • Payments:

Payments are to be made to Waikato Swords Club

Bank Account: BNZ: -020316 0189217 00

  • Please provide a name for reference.
  • Do not pay Hillcrest High School directly.

  • Club Night Instruction and Training:

We are committed to provide all new and intermediate fencers with sufficient instruction to inspire. However please note that no-one in the club is paid for their time or efforts during club nights.  Lessons and training can only be given as more experienced fencers become available and are willing to teach.  We are more than happy to introduce the basics to younger kids to see if this could be the sport for them. However, it would be appreciated if those younger than 13 were accompanied by a parent and are actively supervised at all times.