Membership Fees - effective March 2021
Full Playing Member: Over 20 years old and have Waipawa as their Home Club. $450 pa.

Joint/Family Membership: $785 pa

Restricted Member: Have full playing rights BUT are restricted from entry into ALL competitions not including club days. $350 pa

Restricted Member: (same as above - NO HANDICAP) $285 pa

Country Member: Over 20 years old  and have have their Home Club other than Waipawa. $150 pa.

Out of Zone: Over 20 years old (Primary residence outside of Hawke's Bay) $100 pa.

College Student: $20
Primary School Student: FREE

Casual Member: $100 pa @ Committee's Discretion. Some playing rights.

Social Member: $25 pa

for other options please email the club

All fees include Golf Assn levies and GST.

Monthly payments are welcome for you subscriptions. Please contact the Treasurer for further information.