Well where to start – Firstly before I forget the Centre Opening is on Wednesday 6th September. We are entering a fours team so if you are interested in attending the Centre Opening we will get you to put your names on the board and if there are too many we will draw the names out of a hat. The opening will be at Bowls Taradale with a 1.30pm start.

Not forgetting our own opening which is on the 9th September with a 1.30pm.start. Whites to be worn please. Also bring a plate for afternoon tea. Peter Saggers will be inserting an advertisement into the local paper and I will be talking on the radio with the idea of having a Come and have a Go session on the Sunday 3rd September at 10am. If anyone can help please come along.

A Green Update:-

For those of you that have not been down to the club we have had a very busy two months working behind the scenes. Barry has put boxing down at the Francis Drake St. end of the green and this has been concreted by the Corrections Crews. (incidentally corrections have done a wonderful job in the preparation of the green). Ian Mahoney has sown the green with a hydro seed machine. Thanks must go also to the six or so volunteers that helped Ian hose the mixture onto the green.

Fingers crossed that we will be able to play on this for the men's two dayer on the 4th December.


Nicki Tillett gave the committee a flyer basically saying that we can fundraise at the cinema by filling it with 300 or so people and maybe having a luncheon as well and the club would get the profit. Peter Saggers is looking into this for us.

New Sponsor:-

Waipukurau Motors is our new sponsor for the men's two dayer. If you mention that you are a bowling club member they will do a warrant of fitness for $43.00. 10% off all parts and will pick up and drop off vehicles. If your car is being serviced they will give it a courtesy wash. They have a new location which is 7 James Street ( just up from Farmlands and next to Jamieson & Davies). They are also service agents for Mitsubishi.

E-Mail Address:-

The club now has its own e-mail address and website. The e-mail is [email protected] and the website is Click here

Finally let us hope that we have a wonderful 2017 – 2018 season and that we can recruit some more new members. Just a wee cautionary note directed at the men please watch your language while on the club's premises. I don't want to hear of any complaints due to foul language. Please act in a gentlemanly manner.

Thats all for now.

Good Bowling Everyone.