Trust House Biathlon Series

Spring Series 2023

We start from 18h00. Please register by 17h45 latest.

Please register online before the first race. If you have not registered online, you can register on the night, but this will mean we may need to start the event later thus inconveniencing everyone who have entered prior. Please come early if you plan to enter on the night! If entering at the event, please bring the correct entry fee in cash - limited change available.
Mens Shed, Henley Lake, Colombo Road, Masterton

Online entry option:

Click Here to fill in the 2023-2024 Biathlon Entry & Membership Form. 

Membership Fees (same as last year) - $40 per adult, for the year, which also gives access to all mountainbiking events. Or, $20 per adult for half a year. Or $10 per year with $2 per event, with the $2 payable at the event, for both mountain biking and for biathlons. Children now compete for FREE but younger children may require their parents or caregivers supervision.

The Wairarapa Multisport Biathlons are held on Thursday's starting at 17h45 during NZ daylight savings time (spring and summer). They are fun and are a good challenge if you are just getting into walking, running or cycling. So come along and have a go. The event is a handicapped race so the fastest participants will set off last thereby ensuring that slower walkers / runners/ cyclists are not last on the course.

Each Biathlon event consists of  either a 2.5km walk and a 20km bike ride or a 5km run and a 10km river trail mountain bike or cross bike ride or a 20km road bike ride. The race is handicapped on your first week's performance. Week one will be a mass start (decided by our handicapped handicappers)
You can enter as an individual or a 2 person team. You can complete either one or both disciplines. We therefore call it a "Biathlon" although it can be either a biathlon or simply a run or a bike ride.

The event start/finish is at the Henley Lake Mens Shed car park off Colombo Road, Masterton  The run/walk/bike transition is at the same venue. 

Bikes should be racked in an area by the Mens Shed (directions on the night). The transitions are all in the one place, for your safety and for our timekeepers sanity.

So dust off the running shoes and pump up those tyres, and lets get out there and enjoy the biathlon series!

Remember to check the website for the weekly results. Event results are posted directly after the event has finished each Thursday night.

Many hands make light work, and if you can offer a hand to assist at the weekly events, or even just one of the weeks, please do. Its quite a task setting up, marshalling, timing and results co-ordinating, and we certainly appreciate all the hard work by organisers.

Running course: 
Biathlon 2023/2024 route. running route #5209462 The 2.5km option is the second half of the course.

Road Cycling course: WMSC Biathlon cycling route. cycling route #4634712

Mountain Bike / Cross Bike course: WMSC Biathlon River Trail. mountain biking route #5400137