Ponatahi Kayak Race 26/6/2011.

The race started at Foreman Jury Rd and went up stream to the Ponatahi Road Bridge and back.

Les Morris was a clear winner showing that his new training ground in the South Wairarapa has really got him motivated again.

The minor placing's were a closer battle with only 31seconds between second and fourth.

If it wasn't for a couple of tactical errors by Brain Sanders he would have been at least third if not higher, but that is the challenge of upstream and down River racing.

Lance managed to take a dip which wasn't ideal in the near zero temperature but to his credit finished the race.

Placing and times

1st    Les Morris        46:08

2nd    Eric Barber      50:43

3rd    Doug Aplin        51:07

4th    Brian Sanders    51:14

5th    Terry Blackburn 58:06

6th    Lance Hayes    59:07