Riding Lessons for All Levels - Fun Coaches - Field Trips - Kindy/Beginner/Learner/Novice/Advanced/Adult classes - Learn how to look after horses - Assistance in buying your own pony, equine therary, pony parties.

We operate from our property at 78 Wikitoria Road, only minutes from Wanganui city centre - along the road to the Airport.

We run regular and casual lessons holiday programmes and more.


06 345 3285 or 021 930 950

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if you are looking for a new pony contact us via nitroequine.co.nz

To work out which group your child will be the below descriptions may help:

BEGINNER - Barely ridden before, perhaps on friends ponies or pony rides at a gala etc. Will learn all about how to act around ponies, groom, lead, mount, go, stop, turn.

LEARNER - For those who have completed beginner term course or can competently do the above tasks. Will learn to ride independently, rise to the trot, play games, trot poles and how to tack up.

NOVICE -  For those who have completed learner term course and can rise to the trot. Will learn correct position, riding terms, canter, low jump, beginnings of dressage.

ADVANCE - For those who have completed Novice term course, can canter and jump over 50cm. Will learn how to ride a jumps course, more advanced flat work and dressage movements.

There is nothing wrong with staying in the same group for a few terms, everyone learns at their own pace, goes up and down in confidence or has missed lessons so talk to me if you want to discuss where your child is up to.