Our Objectives

The objectives of WCRN are:

  • To ensure every player of every ability be welcome and given the skills to play netball to the best of their potential
  • To assist in the education and advancement of the community by encouraging fair play and a love of sport, in particular netball
  • To support and assist it's members to deliver Netball in NZ
  • Encourage, educate and promote netball as an activity that promotes and maintains the health and wellbeing of all participants in Netball
  • To promote opportunities and facilities to enable, assist and enhance the participation, enjoyment and performance in WCRN's activities
  • To promote, develop and co-ordinate competitions for all sport-related activities of WCRN

Waitakere City Rugby Netball Club History

The junior club (Year 1 – Open College) began in 2007, when the late Nelda Taurua was persuaded by the manager of the rugby club at the time, Keshlar Inglis to coach a group of Year 6 girls – some of whom had never played before. That coincided with Nelda realising her own granddaughter Lyric could benefit from some specialist coaching, and with that the club began with one Year 6 team and one Year 3/4 team (entered mainly to accommodate the younger sisters of the Year 6s). Nelda was already very well known and respected as a coach amongst the Auckland netball fraternity, although most of the parents at that time had no idea. It was only later as Nelda took that team through the season to win their grade that many of the parents realised what a special coach had come their way, and how privileged their daughters were to have been part of that team.

In 2008 through word of mouth and Nelda’s reputation, many more girls were wanting to play for the club, and by 2009 there were 11 junior teams, and Nelda played a part in coaching all of them. During those 3 years Nelda was the driving force behind the development of the club and it’s coaches. By 2009 the original Year 6 team had morphed into three Year 8 teams, with Nelda taking the top team (including granddaughter Lyric) through to win Year 8 1st Grade for the season at Netball Waitakere.

2010 was a year of further growth for the club, which started the season with 19 teams (including 3 senior teams). However, it was also a year of great sadness for the club, with Nelda passing away from illness on 6 April 2010. Nelda was the backbone behind the club and is greatly missed. However, all her hard work and dedication to the club does not go unrewarded. 2010 was our most successful year in terms of results, with more teams winning more finals, and more representative players than ever before.  Nelda left us a wonderful legacy, and we have a team of dedicated coaches and managers, who are committed to operating the club in the way she would have wanted. Many of the 2010 coaches were themselves coached by Nelda as young girls, and are now passing those same skills on to their own teams. Nelda’s vision for the club was that every girl of every ability be welcomed and given the skills to play to the best of her potential – whatever that may be. Her goals (and therefore the club goals) which we continue to work towards, are to:

· Increase the number of qualified coaches

· Increase the skill level of each player within the club

· Increase the number of elite players within the club

· Increase the number of representative players within the club

· Support the development of coaches within the WCRN club

· Provide a mentor role to increase the knowledge of top netball performance

· Develop coaching modules