WCRN Zero Tolerance Policy

WCRN has a Zero Tolerance policy in respect of unacceptable behaviour by players, parents, supporters and spectators.  Where a complaint is received about the conduct of one of our players, parents, supporters, or spectators, it will be investigated, and if warranted that individual will be warned and/or removed from the club. There will be no second warnings given.We do encourage our parents and supporters to attend games and offer positive reinforcement to the players, coaches and managers of the club.WCRN has worked hard to achieve its excellent reputation, and it is of the utmost importance to the club that this reputation and our high standards of sportsmanship are maintained.We fully support the Netball Waitakere Zero Tolerance Policy and Procedures 2013, detailed below:

Netball Waitakere Zero Tolerance Procedures (as of February 2018)

1.1. Any physical action such as a punch or slap by a player during a game or within theboundaries of The Te Pai Centre, whether intentional or in retaliation will result in anautomatic stand down of 2 weeks from games.

1.2. Any physical (rough play) or verbal abuse given by a team and/or players to oppositionplayer/s, umpires or other officials will result in the following procedures beingimplemented.

1.2.(a) Abuse by a team or player/s on court to the Umpire/s or Opposition playerswill be given a warning by the Umpire, which may result in the player being stooddown for a number of goals as decided by the Umpire. A Games ManagementOfficial will also be called to the game. The Umpires involved may also submit awritten report of the incident to the Games Convenor if they consider the allegedabuse is serious. If this occurs a written report will also be requested from the twoteams involved.

1.2.(b) The Netball Manager, will make a decision, based on the reports, on thenext steps the Centre will take.

1.2. (b) i. If a complaint is not lodged with Netball Waitakere officially, the team orplayer/s may be reprimanded and an official warning issued. . Player/s who havebeen reported to Games Committee for abuse to either umpire/s or oppositionplayer/s will have their names listed and for every two reports of name will result inan automatic stand-down of one (1) week’s game.

1.2.(b) ii. If a complaint is lodged with the Netball Manager, the Netball WaitakereRegulations will govern the procedures and actions to be taken1.3. Spectators whose behaviour is not acceptable are also under the jurisdiction of Netball Waitakere.

1.3 (a) The Umpires will send for a member of the Games Committee to attendCourtside to observe the complaint area; talk with the person concerned and issuea warning if necessary.

1.3 (b) If the spectator continues to be disruptive they will be asked to leave thecourt enclosure. The club/School/Team will be advised of this person’s behaviour.

1.4. No alcohol or other illegal substances will be permitted in the immediate surroundingof The Te Pai Centre. In serious incidents the Police will be notified.