Capital City United Championships 2024

This is a Wellington regional competition and features dancers from several clubs competing against each other in various categories

This is a great local competition before 'NATIONALS'


ANNOUNCEMENT - 2 new sections to be introduced - will be announced soon....  watch this space ....

To be held Saturday 22nd June 2024

@ Expressions Upper Hutt


Diamond: 1st Place Wendy & Dean (Hutt Valley)

Junior Novice: 1st Place Xavier Joyce & Vienna Serpa

Unders & Overs: 1st Place Michael Nicholson & Elsie Morrison

Same Sex: 1st Place Jessie Greaney & Elsie Morrison

Junior Restricted:1st Place Devon Barnes (HV) & Elise Morrison

Junior-Junior:   1st place Mordecai Usoalii & Emma Graham-Hall


2nd place: Phoenix Carter & Clair Burmeister


1st Place: Elsie Morrison, JessieGreaney, Vienna Serpa

2nd Place Viv Babbington,Vicky Beban, Wendy Jackson

3rd Place: Mordecai Usoali, Clair Burmeister, Emma Graham-Hall

Queen of the Hop  Alyssa Moon