Points for grooming checks


Feet: Clean under hoof, hoof oiled and hair trimmed.
Legs: Clean and tidy.
Tail: Clean, brushed and check dock to see if it is clean
Body: Clean and brushed.
Mane: Clean no flaking skin should be plaited but just brushed would be OK but should tell rider
Ears: Clean and trimmed.
Nose: Clean
Eyes: Clean

Stirrups: Tread clean and metal polished
Girth: Clean and check stitching
Saddle Blanket: Clean
Saddle: Clean, and check stitching
Bit: Correct bit Clean and fitting properly.
Bridal: Clean supple and fitting properly

Boots: As per uniform no chaps and Clean.
Jodhpurs: Clean light coloured.
Shirt: White collared shirt not polo shirt
Tie: PC Tie and badge with clip
Badge & Clip: Badge with clip for cert level
PC shirt: Whakatane District uniform.
Hair:  To be up off collar and preferably a hair net
Helmet: NZPCA approved helmet and should be clean