Working Equitation Kaikohe & BOI

Working Equitation is a relatively new sport in NZ, which is quickly growing in popularity, the emphasis is on harmony beween horse and rider, it is a super-fun way to train your horse and to develop that feeling of partnership. 


Working Equitation has 3 main phases:

  • Dressage a test performed in a 40x20 arena,
  • Ease of handling an obstacle test judged on the horse/rider partnership, demonstrating calmness, confidence, harmony and finesse,  
  • Speed taken on the time to complete the course of obstacles,

There is a 4th phase cattle penning which can be held at teams’ events.

Working Equitation is particularly appealing because it offers a nurturing training environment for riders, regardless of the breed of their horse, or choice of tack or attire.​​​​​​​

We would like to extend an invitation to others interested in joining us, we base ourselves from the Kaikohe showgrounds and as we grow as a club we hope to grow as horse men and women, sharing knowledge and information for everyone's enjoyment. 


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Membership is now open for 2022-23 season