Our Membership of $50 covers from 1st August till the 31st July the following year.

Membership entitles you to come to any Practice Evenings/Afternoons that are held by the group throughout the season, Click Here to find out about these days and the dates for this season. 

Members get discounted rates for competitions, and will recieve newletters via email.

To be eligible for the end of year group trophies you will need to have completed your membership before the 30th of September. 

Club Rules: 

1. Helmets are to be worn whilst riding at all times

2. Participants are expected to be polite and courteous to each other at all times.

3.Tack & Attire must comply with the WEDU rules as listed on the WENZ website www.wenz.nz

4. Red ribbons to be attached to the tails of known kickers and green ribbons for green horses.

5. No dogs to be brought to rallies.

6. No hay on metal areas.

7. When your horse is not being riden, it must be contained in one of the yards or tied to your float.

To Become a Members Click Here

If you just want to attend a day to see what it is all about, we welcome you to attend our Training/Practice Evenings or Afternoons as a day member. Day membership costs $20, this is for the one training/practice evening or afternoon you attend only, you will need to sign that you have read our Club rules and Release of Liability, and note an emergency contact person.