Athletics Otago - Our Legends

Our Legends

Prior to 2019, Life Members were recognised from Athletics Otago and Otago Children’s Athletic Committee seperatley.  With the integration of Children's Athletics under the Athletics Otago umbrella, Life Membes of Childrens automatically becmae Life Members of Athletics Otago.

Life Members - Seniors

R Bates

T Bent*

R T  Cain*

B Cowan

W Deans

N Dryden*

B Findlay

R Findlay*

M Gibbons

M Giles

B Halley

D Helm

L Hill

M Knox

N Lastovicka

T King

A Merrilees

J Merrilees

JL Rayner*

D Richmond

LC(Colin) Taylor*

P Tyson

B Ward

M Weddell

* Deceased.

Life Members - Childrens

John Walker

Dawn Schladt

Beverley Findlay

Russell Findlay

Warren Deans

Malcolm Giles

Andrew Finn

Ross Garner

Lesley Schofield

Paul Tyson

Ken Johnston

Deidre Helm

Bryce Watt

Mike Jowsey

Bevan Mears