Parents/Caregivers must remain at the Track
Children must be supervised by a parent/caregiver at all times during club nights.
This club is for the children and we need all adults to support this by helping on club nights and interclub events.
Your involvement is essential for all the athletic events to run smoothly.
We cannot operate without your help. Please be prepared to assist when requested.

Above all, Athletics Richmond is fun, healthy, sociable and a great opportunity for all children.

There are a variety of roles that must be done by parents each club night.
We will try to have one trained person at each event.
As you rotate around with your child we ask for parents to please volunteer in the following roles.

Setting Up and Putting Gear Away
It is great to have lots of hands to help out at 5pm getting gear out and then putting gear away at the end of the night

Age Group Marshals
Collect age group clipboard at the start of the night with programme attached Inform athletes which event to go to.

Track events:  Age group clipboard is to go to the recording table at the finish line.
Help marshal athletes into lanes for races at start line

Field events: Marshal athletes into lines by name order as per clipboard.
Call out name of athlete from clipboard when it is their turn.
Record athletes result.

At the end of the night, return the clipboard to the RED box

Track Marshals
Marshal athletes into lanes / Assist Starters / Help athletes with starting blocks

Timekeepers / Place Givers / Recorder
Time races with a stopwatch
Give out place discs to place getters
Record placing and time next to athletes name on age group clipboard

Long Jump Assistants
Marking where athlete lands / Measurer / Raker

High Jump Assistants
Height Measurer / Bar Assistants – replace bar

Discus and Shot Put Assistants
Marking where apparatus lands / Measurers / Retrieving shot or discus

For more information on how you can assist at events

Long Jump Click Here

High Jump Click Here

Discus Click Here

Shot Put Click Here