Bay View Bowling Club History

The formation of the Bay View Bowling Club came about through the efforts of its Founders Arthur Osborne and Russell Chant, when in 1978 their dream of a bowling green in Bay View came about with the formation of the Petane Bowling Club.

A public meeting was held on the 18th November 1976 at the King George hall , Bay View which was attended by 27 interested locals, with another 23 sending apologies but expressing interest. This meeting resulted in a decision to form a Mixed Bowling Club with a subscription of $25 per year. A working committee was elected at a second meeting consisting of local residents : Russell Chant,  Arthur Osborne, Ben Hunter, Joe Haley, Ben Northe, Bill Hunt, Eric Batchelor (replaced by George Palmer)  and Elaine Palmer.

The first committee meeting was held in December 1976 at which Arthur Osborne was elected President and Ben Northe Secretary/Treasurer. The Club was then to be known as the Petane (Hawkes Bay) Bowling Club and it was in June 1979 that it was decided to change the name to Bay View Bowling Club.

Site Development

After lengthy and protracted negotiations with the Department of Lands and Survey a lease was obtained on land within the Petane Domain and work began in early 1977 on clearing logs , trees etc . A local registered  surveyor Warwick Marshall took responsibility for surveying and leveling the site. stormwater drains, field tiles were laid, timber and rubber surrounds were placed around the ditch, gates and fences were installed along with the completion of numerous other tasks. This work occupied most of 1977 and 1978 and after overcoming numerous difficulties and obstacles the club was ready to open in December 1978.

Club Opening

The club was officially opened on 2nd December 1978 by Mrs Bardell,  President of the East Coast Womens Bowling Centre and Mr Roy Harrowfield , President of the Hawkes Bay Bowling Centre. Club Patron Mrs G. E  Clark put down the first Jack and Club President, Arthur Osborne the first Bowl.


The interim committee was disbanded at the AGM on 27th March 1978 as affiliation to the Regional Bowling Centre required separate applications by Men and Women members. The meeting however decided that the Club would continue its unique operation as a Mixed Club with Men and Women playing together on normal Club days, but with separate Committees to oversee general activities. The Club operated on these lines until the separate committees were amalgamated in 2007 .
On the 20th September 1978 a special meeting of the club  was held to review draft rules required to be sent to the Hawkes Bay Bowling Association for official registration and confirmation. This meant the Bay View Bowling Club had now come of age
The Club Colours of Dark and light Blue outlined in gold were decided at the 1980 AGM. Incorporated in the Club Crest, the colours of the sea matched the Dark Blue grapes, providing a symbol with local content


(Information for this article obtained from Jubilee records and provided by Anne and Norm Compton)