There are six indoor rifle clubs in Christchurch. Three of these are based at the Drayton Range - the biggest range in the city with space for 20 shooters at once!

Each club has friendly members at all skill levels from brand new to Master Grade. New members are supplied with all necessary equipment and no firearms licence is required to attend. Whether you are starting out and need coaching and equipment, or if you just need a range to call home, joining a club is rewarding, enjoyable and social.

During the winter competition season which runs from April to September, the clubs compete against each other in individual and team competitions on Thursday nights. Clubs take turns hosting each other and providing the all-important supper.

Learning to shoot smallbore helps with all forms of shooting. Hunting, sporting, fullbore, shotgun and even pistol shooting all share the same fundamental skills. Smallbore can help you build on these skills while keeping out of the winter weather. ​​​​​​​

We are also able to take private bookings for groups with a minimum of 10 people, who want to come along and try our sport for Birthdays, Work Functions etc. Get in touch with your enquiry.


Please note: We use specific rifles for Smallbore Target Shooting only.

CTSA Affiliated Clubs

Cashmere Target Shooting Club: 88 Hunter Terrace. Members meet Monday nights. Casual shooters welcome first Monday of the month, booking reccommended.

City Club: Drayton Range, 11 Bangor Street. Members meet Tuesday nights at 7pm. 

Central Club: Drayton Range, 11 Bangor Street. Members meet from 4.30pm to 7pm Tuesdays.

Heathcote Smallbore Rifle Club: 60 Bridle Path Road. Members meet Monday nights. 

Paparua Smallbore Rifle Club: 140 Waterloo Road. Members meet Monday nights at 7pm. Casual shooters /New members welcome every Monday.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rail East Rifle Club: Drayton Range, 11 Bangor Street. Members meet Monday nights from 7pm. Casual shooters/New members welcome every Monday

Canterbury Outdoor Target Shooting599 McLeans Island Road. Members meet in the summer time (October to March) on Sunday mornings from 8.30am and/or Wednesday afternoons 4.30 - 6pm. New members welcome, must have own gear.

CTSA also welcomes Parafed Canterbury Shooting Club as tenants, they shoot air rifle on Tuesdays and can be contacted directly here