Intermediate School Rugby League

Counties Manukau Rugby League’s (CMRL) objective as a member of the New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) is to; promote, administer, foster and develop Rugby League throughout the Counties Manukau region, from "grass roots" level to national representative level and govern Rugby League providing guidance and exercise leadership in relation to Schools, Clubs, District Leagues, and their members.

Counties Manukau Rugby League deliver rugby league experiences into schools across the Zone with the aim of growing participation and club membership. This is done by offering;

Taster – deliver a short fun and exciting skill or game-based activity (15 – 20 minutes slots) to up to 25 students at a time, over a 5-hour period.

Upskilling – rugby league specific coaching and training sessions delivered to students in school with a view of developing a team(s). (4 – 8 sessions delivered over 4 weeks lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour).

Participation - Rugby League or Tag Cluster Festivals (depending what season) are offered so every school team/player get an opportunity to test their skills against neighboring schools.

Development – Coach and Referee courses delivered to teachers, sport coordinators and parents in charge of teams who can then deliver the sport without the assistance of Counties Manukau Rugby League.

Membership – Link the schools to local clubs, this can be achieved by hosting festivals at club grounds, inviting club volunteers to coach a school team and/or be part of the festival event management. In school coaching delivered by a club coach improves the opportunity to recruit new members.

LeaugeNet – capturing participation data is crucial to establish how effective this strategy has been. All schools are required to register their teams and players online, however there are many challenges with this process which can only be improved over time, through trial and error.


TERM 3: Rugby League 

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