Subscription Payment Policy

Ferrymead Bays Football Club requires all players to register online through Sporty/COMET Registration process. Part of this process is payment of subscriptions. Details can be found in the Registration area of this website.

Payment is compulsory at time of registration. 

At time of registration, payment details are presented.

Ferrymead Bays require payment of all subscription fees prior to the winter season commencing.

Any payment made after this date must be made in accordance with personal arrangements made between the player/parent and the Club Committee via Ren Cameron (Community Development Manager)/Alan Walker (Director of Football).

If payment is not made in the above manner, the Club reserves the right to suspend the unpaid player from playing until payment is made.

Players who have not paid satisfactorily will be unable to play for Ferrymead Bays Football Club the following season and will have any request to transfer to another Club denied due to fees outstanding. Both of these situations will be able to be remedied by payment of the outstanding fees.