Grand Mistress:  Knockez
R.A: Snapper
Hash Cash:   Sourpuss                                    Hash Bank Account  02-0536-0003787-000
Hare Razor/On Sec: Tree Top
Hash Almoner  Knockez
Haberdashery:  Twiggy
Horn Blower:  Fishy Fingers
Hash Scribe:  Filupajug
Web Master:  Gatecrasher

Web addresses:   or  

Receding Hareline
Run No Date Venue Hare 
1874 14 July 20 The Innkeeper, 11 Broderick Road, Johnsonville Tree Top & Twiggy
1875 21 July 20 TBA K9 & Dolly
1876 28 July 20 TBA AKA
1877 4 Aug 20 78 Totara Crescent, Woburn, Lower Hutt Spiderman & K9
1878 11 Aug 20 The Office Newtown ? ? Bert Munroe & Sourpuss ? ?

Run No.1873 7 July 2020 Kelburn Village Pub Hare Sourpuss & Filupajug 

Well, little did I know but I have been mithering Sourpuss for over 50 years !! Yes, mithering is a real word: “to make a fuss or moan” Thanks to Snapper I was awarded the stick for this reason but actually, she was a candidate herself with her “dressing down” of Spiderman and his choice of hash attire without her supervision !! 
A good turnout of energetic walkers supplemented by 6 runners turned up at the Kelburn Village Pub for the trail set by the hare Sourpuss. The walkers had a pleasant walk around Kelburn and Northland without too many challenges. The runners however, did have a challenge ahead of them and I later heard it was 7.8km of tough running. Well done runners. 
Sourpuss had previously visited the pub on a very quiet night and assumed Tuesday would be the same !  To the contrary, the very popular Tuesday quiz night had the bar packed with patrons. To their credit, the bar owners coped very well all round. Because of the crowds (and associated noise), the circle was held outside round the fire place. 

Fines that I remember were: 
Spiderman for his choice of hash clothing 
Bert & Marilyn Munroe for PDA holding hands going down a steep grass section as they were sharing a torch  
Rufus (the dog) for deciding he needed a toilet stop just a couple of houses before he walked past a liquid compost bin (Obviously he could smell the aroma and felt he should contribute) Fine accepted by Oggy.