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Run Report – 9th June  Sourpuss – Philligajug’s 70TH The Local Strathmore    

A great turnout to help celebrate Phillipajug’s 70Th birthday.  The usual balmy weather turned on, that Sourpuss is famous for.   
I missed the pre run instructions, as I was already 5 minutes up the trail, which went towards the Seatoun tunnel but quickly took a left turn up Wilberforce Street to the hills.  Runners pack caught me up along the ridge with a cunning back check down a track to Otaki St.  Some more this way and that way and it took awhile for pack led by Hey Babe and K9 to find the trail heading away from the airport and back around  the Cobham Drive roundabout and then towards Kilbirnie.  A loop towards Kilbirne shops but then swung back towards Rongatai College and the tunnel under the airport runway.  Both Walkers and Runners trails converged near Rongatai College at the residence of Phillipajug and Sourpuss daughter and son in law.

The walkers trail apparently was about 2km to the PS and then abit less back to home.  Runners trail, was approx. 6.9km which was very appropriate for the 9th of the 6th.  Quite a good turnout for the runners pack – apart from those already mentioned, there were Bert and Rom, RV, GM Fishy, Gatey, Browneye and AKA.  The Walkers were all long gone by the time I reached the PS, so not sure of their makeup but it looked like the usual suspects back at the pub.  Plus some of the Sweetman family.      
We had our own area at the Local, which helped with the circle led by Fishy, K9 and Dolly.   A good bunch of fines from the GM and RA’s and a Hashy Birthday for Phillipajug.  Sourpuss announced that the PS was on the Sweetman family, which just goes to show that not all accountants are tightarses.   Thank you Sourpuss and Phillipajug.   
The Committee then announced that there is no hare for next Tuesday  -  in a fit of enthusiasm, fuelled by 2 green berets at the PS, I volunteered myself, from Indus on Tinakori Road.   
They then further announced that the AGM would be the following Tuesday 23rd June from Brix, the Friday Hash hangout.

Korokoro Dam  also known as Deepthroat  (former Wellington Junior Badminton Champion)