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Receding Hareline

Run No Date Venue Hare 
1869 9 June2020 Strathmore Local Café & Bar, 3-5 Strathmore Avenue, Strathmore Filupajug 
1870 16 June 2020 TBA TBA 
1871 23 June 2020 The Brix (Hash Erections) The Committee                                                                                              1872 30 June2020 TBA  

Run Report

1868 2 June 2020  Tawa Squash Club Fishy Fingers 
On Tuesday the Gerries gathered at the Tawa Squash Club for my (Fishy’s) 69th birthday run, the first walk/run since NZ moved to Alert Level 3 of Covid 19. This meant we can now assemble in groups of 100. The turnout didn’t quite test the new levels but did exceed the previous allowable level of 10.   The run/walk was one of my shorter versions and went off without a hitch and with no complaints that I am aware off.  

The run trail headed up from the Squash Club to Lane Crescent and found its way to the corner of Larsen Crescent and Huia Street where a portion of the trail was removed by an unidentified person (a not uncommon occurrence in this neck of the woods).  It picked up through Lyndhurst Park, across the Main Road to the Tawa Rail Bridge and continued along Taylor Terrace to Willowbank Reserve, along the walkway to the piss stop outside the “Shuttlecock” Hall. Ask K9 if you are wondering where this is. Back at the Squash Club we were treated to the usual great hospitality, food and drink provided by the hosts.  

Dolly kindly provided a very nice chocolate birthday cake for the birthday celebrations (including the big 70 for Filupajug) which was gratefully appreciated by all.  

A few important announcements followed and these included a sad message informing the group of the recent loss of Peeler, who was one of the original Gerries HHH.  And also the notification of the AGPU which is planned for 23rd June 2020 at the Brix. We are looking for fresh blood to fill several spots that are to be vacated so don’t be shy in coming forward to join the stampede.  

Sourpuss (Hash Cash) informed the group that he has stopped collecting cash at our Tuesday run/walks and notified the following changes: Hash cash remains at $2 for a non piss stop run/walks and $4 for a piss stop run/walks. The hash cash is essentially an honesty system so the suggestion is regular Gerries hashers direct credit $10 at the start of each month into the PNGHHH BNZ Bank account No. 02-0536-0003787-000 together with their hash name. They then keep their own record of which runs they attend and how much they owe hash cash. If it exceeds $10 they top up next month’s direct credit. For home runs everyone will be expected to deposit the home run cost either $15 or $20 pp.

I have forgotten the fines but Cheeky was welcomed back after a long absence.                                                            Mop’s ticket order for the meal was numbered 69…… and so I was landed the stick for my 69th.  

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