Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club Incorporated

The DragonFlite 95 (DF95)

The DF95 delivers a race-ready experience for sailing enthusiasts. It is designed by Joysway, a leading manufacturer of radio sailing products, and developed with the latest design concepts and components.

The DF95 is 95 cm long and weighs around 2 kg, making it a convenient size to transport and handle. It has a narrow hull and a light weight that give it excellent performance in light wind conditions, the class has the option of 4 different rigs to cater for all conditions.

The DF95 is a popular and growing class of radio yachts in New Zealand and here at Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club there is a growing group of DF 95's sailing on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons.

For more information regarding DF95's at Gulf Harbour contact:
Harold Bennett 0274958178 and Linton Little 021259370

Video - DF95's racing Regency Lake