Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club Incorporated


Thanks to the four Sandspit/Mangawhai Electron sailors who came down to support getting an Electron fleet established at Gulf Harbour.

There were six boats on the start line and skippers enjoyed some close racing during the morning on Regency Lake Gulf Harbour Challenging conditions for Electrons both on the wind and running, especially as the boats were gettingout of control on the running legs by either nosediving, chinese gybing or just rounding up with the strong S/W gusts.

After several practice races there were five races recorded with 4 different winners.

We are planning to sail again in a fortnights time on Wed 22 November 10.00 an till 12.00 noon.

The Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club is helping to promote Electron sailing at Gulf Harbour and Mike Lanigan is co-ordinating Electron sailors in the area Mike Lanigan [email protected]
027 480 2462