Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)

The Professional Disc Golf Association is the governing body for the sport.

Visit the website where you can view the rule book and become a PDGA member.

Membership benefits include:

1. All renewing members receive a basic membership package including current year member card, annual tour information, PDGA logo bag tag and sticker.

2. New, first-time members also receive lifetime member #, and the latest rules book. Renewing members receive a complimentary copy of the rules book whenever a new edition is printed.

3. Current members are eligible to compete in all levels of PDGA Tour events where they earn points towards invitations to Major events including the PDGA World Championships. Current PDGA members can track their tournament season and career results at their own personal stats pages at

4. PDGA members also gain their own very cool player rating, based on their round by round performances at Tour events. The PDGA Ratings system measures a player’s ongoing level of play, enabling them to compare their game with friends and rivals, and with the best disc golfers in their country and around the world. Qualification for an increasing number of top level events is now based on player ratings.

5. Current International members also have the option to receive the informative PDGA e-newsletter (free), and to purchase a subscription to the PDGA’s DiscGolfer magazine, as well as PDGA logo minis and discs.

6. The ability to vote in annual PDGA Board of Director elections and to run for a Board position. All current members can vote in PDGA Global elections; European current members can also vote in PDGA Europe Board elections. Current members can also serve on PDGA Global and PDGA Europe Committees.