Marching Wellington Association


Marching Wellington welcomes new members.  Marching is a team sport designed for all age groups and all capabilities.  If you are interested in any aspect of marching please read on or contact us to find out more.


Marching in Wellington has been going for many many years. In 1998 the name was changed to Marching Wellington.


Marching in NZ is an amateur sport that offers participants a strong sense of team spirit and self-discipline.  It heightens powers of concentration and physical fitness, encourages good deportment, pride in grooming and personal achievement and offers musical enjoyment, life long friendships and opportunities of travel.

We govern the Sport within the whole Wellington district and this covers all aspects including

Judging, mentoring teams and personnel, and setting up competitions.


We run Local Competitions on a regular basis throughout the season, usually October to March.


Our Sport is for encouraging active participation in marching and in turn encourages discipline, deportment, team involvement, as well as the mental agility required to memorise specific technical plans and display routines.