Marching Wellington Association


Technical Drill routines are a performance of traditional military-like style of marching made up of compulsory drills and set march plans.  A technical drill team comprises 7-10 marchers and combines a set Review and Inspection routine and a set March Plan of different type of drills and quantities of movements depending on the age grade performing.

Technical Drill is precision in timing and spacing in movements and the execution and correctness of the drills and plan. Judging is based on an awarding system and the Technical Drill is covered by 4 judging positions.


The Display phase is designed for teams to perform with 7-14 marchers. The display phase is a routine that is performed to the teams own choice of music.  This is like a freestyle form of marching and where teams can show their talents.  Artistic and gimmicky type movements are used in this phase to enhance the music that has been selected by the teams.

The Display March is judged by two judges from seated positions on the front boundary where they are able to view the display with an overall view of entertainment as seen by the public.