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Winter School Programme


Manawatū Cricket is pleased to announce that registrations are open for our Winter School Programme for 2024. The Winter School Programme is our primary Off Season Development opportunity that is open to all who want to upskill prior to the next cricket season. 

Manawatū Cricket is currently reviewing our In Season Development opportunities and we will be outlining what these look like in the near future, but we are excited to continue to provide a purposeful Off Season Development opportunity. 

Manawatū Cricket supports Cricketers playing and focusing on their winter sport/s of choice as their priority during term 2 & 3. By not participating in any Off Season programme, it will not impact your ability to participate in any In Season programmes or Rep teams. Our Off Season programme is designed to accommodate those who want and are able to complete a programme during this time of year. 

Our Winter School for 2024 has evolved slightly and we are excited to roll out the new edition. Some of the changes see a programme that builds on skills identified as important at each age & stage of a young cricketers development journey. These identified skills will be focused on throughout all our programmes in that season. The ability to coach the individuals in the programme and their needs with foundational skill development and extensions available within each group will all ensure players progress, rather than a ‘one size fits all’.

Our Winter School will be supported by some of the best coaches our region has to offer, ensuring a quality and meaningful experience is had. No matter what your season 24/25 goals in cricket might be, you will hit the parks ready to achieve them.

We have the following opportunities;

Year 4/5/6 - Players will be taken through the basics of fielding, bowling and batting to ensure good foundations are being created in these core areas. For those players that require extension and greater challenge, that will be accommodated in our games based learning environment.

6 Week programme - $140    


Year 7&8  - Players will begin to learn more about their preferred skills. General focus on fielding skills will start every session. 

Batting focus areas will include developing strong foundations around; Drives, Playing the short ball & use of feet to play spin.

Bowling focus areas will include developing understanding around; Run ups and the importance around them, perfecting stock delivery, exploring change up delivery and principles of death bowling. 

8 Week programme - $180

Secondary Players

Our secondary winter school will continue to build on the core fundamentals of the game with an increased focus on specialisation with the Year 11-13 cohorts. Not only will we focus on the core fundamentals of the game, we will be introducing all players into performance behaviours and imbedding them into our programmes. 

Fielding will be an important focus in every session with dedicated time exploring and developing our skills in a variety of situations. 

Batting will explore and focus tools and skills around power hitting vs strike rotation, combating the swinging ball, effectively playing spin. 

Bowling will focus on understanding field placement and bowling to fields, death bowling, using the crease effectively, safe bowling actions.

All sessions will be 1.5 hours to ensure enough time is spent on each area of focus. 

9 week programme breaking for Winter Tournament Week - $250

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All enquiries please email [email protected]