Manawatū Cricket Association

Smash Cricket

“Our vision is for Cricket to be a game for all New Zealanders; a game for life. A game that can be played anywhere, by anyone. A game that we play the Kiwi way,” - New Zealand Cricket.

We are focused on providing quality experiences for all young cricketers. With a focus on game play and values, our aim is for cricket to provide enjoyment, alongside the social and personal development playing sport with friends brings.

Smash Cricket is based on a cricket philosophy introduced by New Zealand Cricket in the 2022/23 season and has been developed for our local community. We have created new programmes for juniors or repurposed existing opportunities to ensure we are providing more cricket that captures more players and grows them in more ways! 

We know children learn through game play. They develop skills, develop a love for an active and healthy lifestyle and enjoy being with friends and whānau.

With Smash Cricket, every session has more hits, more touches, more catches, more action. More fun.

Smash Cricket programmes are designed to support growth in physical literacy and fundamental movement, preparing young people for a lifelong love of sport. Not only do we focus on individual physical competencies, our programmes help build social intellect through our team-based activities, games and our values-based programmes. We take pride in the fact that our programmes are committed to growing young people in all domains, helping prepare them for life beyond sport.    

Smash Cricket follows New Zealand Crickets Age & Stage guidelines and is designed to help best prepare young players to progress to their next stage of Cricket. While we understand that young people develop at different stages and at different ages when we look simply beyond the physical skills and focus on holistic development, we can identify benefits from remaining in programmes as per the age brackets we have identified below. This is based on international research and first-hand experience from sports here in New Zealand.

Check out the many Smash Cricket offerings we have and get amongst the FUN!  

Smash Play (Year 1&2s)

Smash It! (Year 3&4s)

Smash Yard! (Year 7&8)

Yeah! Girls Smash (Year 7&8 - Girls only)