Manawatū Cricket Association

Smash It!

Year 3 & 4 (optional Year 5)

Is a new programme developed by ManawatÅ« Cricket. This programme is open to all players from Year 3-5 and is more cricket game play focused using a modified format of the traditional game of cricket. The focus is on developing individual confidence and competency in the foundation aspects of the game, batting, bowling & fielding, before players will be able to progress to junior club cricket. The skills will be developed by playing cricket games rather than in skill stations. 

We introduce teamwork (which builds on cooperation) & positive as new values to build on the 3 Smash Play values already ingrained. 

Players who sign up for either programme (outside of Year 1&2) will be able to choose what they do each session. For example if a player who has signed up for Smash It! doesn't want to play the cricket game one week, they can participate in Smash Play games, and if a Year 3 or 4 Smash Play player wants to play a game of cricket they can join the Smash It! group for that session. It is designed to give children what they want and assist transferring the skills from Smash Play into a fun format of cricket. 

Where can I take part?

Palmerston North HUB

All sessions at Ongley Park, Park Road

Mondays 4-5pm or Wednesdays 5-6pm 

Feilding HUB

Kowhai Park, Fridays 4-5pm 

$20 for the programme. Register here -