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1. No King's Birthday Run Other MG activities around this date. So nothing formal but do think about taking your car out for a holiday weekend run.


2. 2024/25 Subs. - July 1st is the start of our new financial year. Membership of $70 can now be paid to the club account 02-0865-0020158-00.  Your membership includes partner and school age children. 


3. Email addresses - Do let us know If you change your email address - or no longer have a landline, or now have a cellphone number etc.. Email your changes to [email protected]







1. NELSON RUN - Sun. 2nd June

to Canvas Town to the Pelorus Tavern - Trout Hotel for lunch.

See emails - [email protected]


218 Bells Rd, West Melton. 7.00 - 9.30pm

Hosted by the Canty. Astronomical Society. A dark winter evening of looking through powerful telescopes and being informed about what you are seeing. SORRY - NO PLACES LEFT.

Allow 30 - 45 minutes from Christchurch.  

Directions:  S.Hwy 73 to West Melton.  Turn right at BP station onto Weedons Ross Rd.  Travel 2km.  Caution - "STOP" sign on this road.  Turn left into Bells Rd.  Travel 2.17km to 218 Bells Rd.

Park on the street.  Venue on the left.

Bring the correct money for Bob - adults $15 & children $10.

In the event of Bad Weather conditions, the event can be postponed to a later date. Watch for notification by club email - this could be at late notice.

Bob McIntosh 021 0871 8057,  [email protected]

3. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 7th June

RIchmond Club 7p.m. - meal 7.30pm

Members Rob and Sue Nicholl will be relating, with photos, some events from their drive in their local MGB from Shanghai to London - and Abingdon.

Meal at 7.30pm after paid for ($35), drinks ordered, table chosen and chat.  A fun, social and informative evening.

If not phoned by a committee member and you wish to attend please contact Secretary Miles Winter by email [email protected] or text 021 344 883 (not phone) before mid-day Wednesday as catering numbers are needed.

Paul McWilliam 03 981 1592, 022 166 4578

Miles Winter [email protected]

4. MMM RUN - Wed. 19th June

10.30am - from the Cashmere Club

A relaxed drive to a picnic spot.  BYO lunch or pick up en route  Check website/emails for any changes, or contact organiser.  On this occasion we will finish up picnicing in Governors Bay - under cover if wet or cold.

Ken Frost 021 147 1706

5. MG TRIAL - Sun. 30th June

Cashmere Club 10.00am 

A 2 hour run of about 50km.  This will be an Observation Trial/run around the eastern part of Christchurch.  (You can be a non-competitive entry.) Instructions will be in the form of photographs and written instructions.

Join us for an enjoyable morning's drive with a difference.

Sandra Frame & Tony Reid  022 3022 622​​​​​​​

6. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 5th July

RIchmond Club 7p.m. - meal 7.30pm

Rocker Box Racing

Grant Sutherland 021 361 747,  Bob McIntosh 021 0871 8057

7. SNOW RUN - Sun. 14th July

Details to follow.

Leonid & Elena Itskovich  022 088 0937

8. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 2nd Aug.

RIchmond Club 7p.m. - meal 7.30pm

9. WINTER WOOLIES - Sun. 4th Aug.

Enjoy a drive and then some mulled wine with your picnic lunch.

Details to follow.

10. MMM RUN - Wed. 21st Aug.

Kevin Schroder & Barry Whittle

11. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 30th Aug.  - a week earlier than usual

RIchmond Club 7p.m. - meal 7.30pm

AGM, Photo competition

Paul McWilliam 03 981 1592, 022 166 4578

12. MMM RUN - Wed. 18th Sept.

Terry Faulkner & Charles Rushbrook


14. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 4th Oct.

15. BREAKFAST TRIAL - Sun. 13th Oct.

16. MMM RUN - Wed. 16th Oct.

Stuart & Crystal Munro

17. LABOUR WEEKEND RUN  - 26th - 28th October

Based at Ranfurly.  Details to follow.

18. CLUB NIGHT - Fri. 8th Nov.  - a week later than usual

19. MOTORKHANA  - Sun. 10th Nov.

20. MMM RUN - Wed. 20th Nov.

21. CHRISTMAS DINNER - Sun. 15th Dec.


The MG Car Club Canterbury Centre has its roots in the original 'MG Car Club of New Zealand', formed in 1952 when many of the country's motorsport enthusiasts drove our favourite marque in the shape of TCs, TAs, Ps and Js.

From those early beginnings the NZ Club has devolved into four major Centres, two in the North Island and two in the South.  Each of these Centres is autonomous, organising competitive and social events for members within its regions. Like the 'Crusaders' our region includes Nelson, Marlborough and the West Coast as well as Canterbury. There are also a range of inter-Centre and national activities you are able to enjoy.  And of course, if you are visiting another region you will be most welcome to participate in any of their events, competitive or social.

Like most MG Clubs around the world we are affiliated to the MGCC UK ensuring access to badging, logos and so on.  We also maintain regular contact with a number of Centres in NZ, Australia, the US and the UK to help ensure we offer the best possible benefits and MG enjoyment for all of our members.​

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