Trials Training Notes  

Dren and Di Errington produced these introductory notes for a Clubnite training evening.  To view them, just Click Here

If you are really keen you may like to check out these Straight Line Diagram notes Click Here . We'd like to acknowledge Gail L Walker, Rallymaster of the Toronto Autosports Club, as the source.

You'll also find these, Tulip Diagrams, and much, much more in the British Historic Rallying Handbook if you Click Here , but don't be too frightened - much of this is more advanced than we are likely to use in our little Trials.

Track Notes 

The TurnFast website has some excellent material on track techniques, ranging from the best seating position, through cornering and braking techniques, to what a serious racer needs in the toolkit.

But, don't try them out in both lanes of a public road!  Wait till a track day.

You'll find TurnFast here - Click Here