NHV Executive 2021

Barbara Bialy

Vice President
Chris Williams

Genny Jarvis

Immediate Past President

Joanne Paora

Umpires' Representative

Jodie Robertson

Executive Committe Members

  • Karina Sagaga
  • Nicky Leatherby
  • Phillipa Whitney
  • Piwi (Kora) Pene
  • Shelly Shaw
  • Talei Tomokino
  • ​​​​​​​Cherie Jobe

Joining the Executive

Officers and members of the Executive Committee are nominated by clubs/schools ahead of our AGM.  

​​​​​​​The Executive meet regularly throughout the year to share ideas and plan for our Centre.   Aside from meetings and the occasional game day duty, being on the Executive does not need to take much of your time.  Most operational matters are taken care of by our paid staff members.

We encourage a range of clubs/schools to be represented so that their thoughts and ideas for our Centre can be heard.​​​​​​​