Year 3-4 futureFERNS

Year 3 & 4 futureFERNS is designed to be fast and fun, maximising participation and touches of the ball. 

At our Centre the Year 3-4 age group is offered on Saturdays in Terms 1 & 4.  Held outdoors at the Taita Netball Courts.  Timings of games are dependant on number of team entries, however staff will endevour to allocate teams the same times each week.

Schools enter teams, and we usually have around 55-60 teams entered. 


All team registrations are now completed through Sporty. Please use your school login to register all teams this season. If you do not have your login information please contact the team at Sporty You need to enter separately for Term 1 and Term 4.

It is $180 to enter a team of 7-9 children.

2022 DATES

Term 1 2022

Term 4 2022

Year 3-4 Coach Workshop 6pmThursday 17 Feb
Year 3-4 Coach Workshop 6pm
27 Oct
Week 1Saturday19 Feb
Week 1Saturday29 Oct
Week 2Saturday26 Feb
Week 2Saturday5 Nov
Week 3Saturday5 Mar
Week 3Saturday12 Nov
Week 4Saturday12 Mar
Week 4Saturday19 Nov
Week 5Saturday19 Mar
Week 5Saturday26 Nov
Week 6Saturday26 Mar
Week 6Saturday3 Dec
Rain Out DateSUNDAY27 Mar
Rain Out DateSUNDAY4 Dec
Team Registration DueFriday11 Feb
Team Registration Due
21 Oct
Player Registration DueFriday18 Feb
Player Registration Due
28 Oct
Team Fee$180

Team Fee


Each team entered needs a coach who has attended our free Year 3-4 Star coach workshop.  The workshop is specific to the Year 3-4 age group.  We keep a list of previous attendees, you only need to attend the workshop once. Please click on the ANZfutureFerns Coach Workshop registration button.


  • Warm up (before start time with team coach)
  • Skill activities with a group of teams
  • Game of 5v5 Netball played on 2/3 of a court - see Year 3-4 5v5 Game Information brochure at the right of page (or below on your mobile).  Games are 3 x 8 minute thirds at our Centre.
  • Warm down 

Team coaches will be actively involved during the session.  Our Junior Coordinators will lead a group of teams for the skills, but coaches take their own warm-up and cool-down.  At game time, a coach from each team is an on-court to support the players (there is no umpire with a whistle).


Some teams choose to have a practice at school, and work further on the skill they learnt on game day.   

School uniforms should be worn, extra layers of clothing are OK during the skills session and on cooler days.

This age group use size 4 balls, A A C D D bibs, and a 2.6m goal post.  Balls and equipment are provided by NHV for the skill session but you will need your own bibs and ball for game time.  We ask that teams bring a small first aid kit with plasters.

We have some futureFERNS bibs for sale at a reduced price, contact us if you wish to place an order.


When creating the draw, we refer to the grading recommended by schools when they enter their team.  The Grading Guidelines are available at the right of this page (or below on a mobile).  We also look at the ages of and number of returning players. We can move teams at the end of the first round into a new group for round two if needed.


Any cancellations will be announced by 8am on our facebook page and then followed up with an email to team contacts. Sometimes only part of the day may be cancelled.   

On a day when the weather is not great, but netball is still on, then just bring along your keen kids and our coordinators will help to get everyone on court at game time. There are no defaults in this age group as we can work with part teams.