Club nights

Ngatea Athletics Club runs track and field events for pre-school and primary school aged children. 

We meet on Monday nights during Term 4 and Term 1, please check below dates. It is our aim to encourage participation, enjoyment and personal improvement for all our children regardless of their age or ability.

All age groups will take part in a variety of activities covering the running, jumping and throwing disciplines of athletics.

These activities will include skills, practice, games and competition. They will be structured to cater to the relevant ages.Club nights are based on a three week programme. (Please note the committee reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the program.)

Club Night Points Points allocated on club nights are based on attendance and performance. We record points for participation in each event. If you are placed in the event additional points are awarded. At the end of the season the points are accumulated and trophies, ribbons and certificates are awarded at our annual prizegiving.

1st = 4 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points. Every athlete that participates gets 1 point per event.

Club nights events for 2021/22 season proposed dates

15 Nov - Club Night (Week A)

22 Nov - Club Night (Week B)

29 Nov - Club Night (Week C)

6 Nov - Club Night (Week A)

13 Dec - Club Night (Week B)


21 Feb - Club Night (Week C)

28 Feb - Club Night (Week A)

7 March- Club Night (Week B)

14 Mar - Club Night (Week C)

21 Mar - Club Night (Week A)

28 Mar - Club Night (Week B)

4 April - Club Night (Week C) 

Prizegiving proposed date: TBA

To be eligible for awards at prizegiving, you must have attended at least 50% of all club nights for the season and paid registration fees.