Our club is run by parents and volunteers for the benefit of our children. In order to do so efficiently, it is essential that we have help with these activities. You may be asked to help out on club nights.

We need help on each club night with the following actitivies:

- Setting up the track and field events

- Recording of places and measurements

- Handing out place tickets

- Measuring of the field events

- Starter of the track races

- Marshalling of the different age groups to their appropriate events

- Packing up

If you are interested in a specific job, please let us know at
ngateaathleticsclub@gmail.com or talk to one of the committee members at the club nights.

Athletics is a sport that the whole family can participate in—at the same venue at the same time.  Unfortunately to run even a basic programme on club nights we require a large number of volunteers to assist. This is an opportunity for the whole family to be involved in learning new skills. Your assistance will be needed so please help where you can.