Our club values define the way we work together off the field and how we play on the field.

SERVICE: As an all-volunteer club, parents and players all strive to put more into the club than we get out of it. We contribute to management, coaching, maintenance, fundraising, and community outreach with enthusiasm and accountability. We pay it forward. We don't leave work for others that we can do ourselves. And we do it all to serve the players - coaches evaluate and assign players in an unbiased manner and encourage all players to develop and take on new challenges.

HUSTLE: Hustle is about playing baseball in an alert and energetic manner. On the diamond, whether playing or practicing, we hustle because it respects those working to help us (coaches, scorers, umpires, supporters), because it respects the opposition, because it can be the winning edge, and because it's baseball the right way. No matter the score, inning or number of outs, our players always give their best. Hustle is also about tenacity and self-control in the face of big challenges and frustrating scorelines. We never play angry and we don't get down on ourselves or our teammates.

RESPECT: We work and play with respect toward coaches, teammates, opponents, umpires, supporters, facilities, and equipment. We acknowledge the service of others. We respect the time of others. We respect our grounds and equipment so they're ready for us when we need them and because this respects those providing them for us (ratepayers, sponsors, the club, family). We respect our opponents because without them we cannot play - we show good sportsmanship, we don't stop hustling if we're behind, and when we win we display grace and humility.