FEES 2023-2024

Fees are payable once registered and prior to being placed in a team.

All fees must be paid by 30 September 2023. An early payment discount of $15 can be applied to fees paid in full before 9 September 2022. (This discount does not apply to Kiwiball and Rookie Ball as we currently include a club cap and t-shirt with every registration).

If you are registering to play for more than one grade, the following fee structure applies.  

  • First Fee: The full fee applies to the grade you are age eligible to play in during the 23/24 season, then
  • Second Fee: An additional fee of $75 is due if you are playing up within the junior grades or $100 if playing up from junior to senior grades (19U and above) or within senior grades

Payments can be direct credited to North Shore City Baseball Club a/c 12-3136-0403312-00

Contact [email protected] if you would like to discuss your fees.

Grade LevelGradeEligibilityFee
BeginnerCub Ball (prev. Kiwiball)Ages 5-7 (8+ play in 10U)$60
JuniorsMinor League (10U)Cannot turn 11 before 1/9/2024$150

Majors League (12U)Cannot turn 13 before 1/9/2024$220

Intermediate League (13U)Cannot turn 14 before 1/9/2024$220

Junior League (14U)Cannot turn 15 before 1/9/2024$250

Senior League (16U)Cannot turn 17 before 1/9/2024$250
SeniorsBig League (19U)Cannot turn 20 before 1/9/2024$290

Premier / Premier Reserve