New Zealand Blind Lawn Bowling Association

 Welcome to the official website of the
​​​​​​​New Zealand Blind Lawn Bowling Association

The New Zealand Blind Lawn Bowling Association is the national organisation that administers the sport of Blind Lawn Bowls in New Zealand.  The New Zealand Blind Lawn Bowling Association is a member country of the International Blind Bowlers Association (IBBA).  
​​​​​​​We are affiliated to Blind Sport New Zealand and are recognised by Bowls New Zealand.

Have you played Bowls in the past and have lost some of your eyesight? Do you struggle to see the Jack but want to continue playing? 
Have you never bowled before but want to get into a sport that is both fun and challenging for those who are blind or have a vision impairment?

Join dozens of others with similar eyesight issues who play Lawn Bowls both socially and competativley.  We are always searching for new members, so why not challenge yourself or encourage someone you know with a vision impairment to contact the Secretary by email at 
[email protected] or the phone number on our CONTACTS page.

Read more about the NZ Blind Lawn Bowling Association on our ABOUT page.

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