Oamaru Triathlon and Duathlon and SISS Triathlon & Duathlon Champs - 2024 Briefing

Welcome to the 40th event in Oamaru. Thank you to all our sponsors, supporters and our volunteers.

The road closure is in effect from 9.30-11.30am.

Transition area – only competitors may be in the transition area - and only during transitions. no-one else may enter the transition area during the race. 

Spectators are not allowed inside the designated event area. Please tell your supporters to stay out of the event area and to keep clear of all footpaths (along the waterfront and the street) for the run sections. 

​​​​​​​WITHDRAWAL If you pull out, you MUST tell a race official, failure to do this can result in unnecessary delays and possible emergency action.


We have first aid qualified personnel on duty for any accidents or injuries. Let a marshal know if you see someone injured.

COURSE – it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the course. Please make sure you know whether you are doing the short or the long course and how many laps you do. This is your responsibility. There are course maps on display.

The road is closed on the cycle course and we secure it with signage and marshals however a random driver may disobey the closure so please keep an eye out.


Team members – you tag at the bike stands in the transition area.

START - the start for triathlon and duathlon is on the beach.

Wave 1 – 10am (Junior U14, Intermediate U16 and Recreational). Go to the beach after briefing

Wave 2 – 10.15am (Senior Secondary School U19). Go to the beach after Wave 1 has started

Wave 3 – 10.20am (Open & Vet) Go to the beach after Wave 2 has started

FINISH The finish line is next to the chute into the transition area. You will be directed out of the event area. You can pick up your gear bag where you placed it at the perimeter. You must stay out of the event area until the race is finished, approx. 12pm. Listen for announcements. You cannot enter the transition area to pick up your bike until after the race has finished.

Photos and video – a link to photos and video will be posted on our FB page and website.

Results –  There will be a link on our FB page and website.

Prizegiving​​​​​​​ - we hope to hold the prizegiving by 1.30pm. Please support the local Farmers Market and the Historic precinct shops. They supported our application for the road closure.

NZ Tri regulations govern the SISS sections.

Good luck. Any questions?