This page honours and acknowledges club members who have contributed 5 or more years service to the Parklands United Sports Club as a coach, manager, administrator or other volunteer. Our club operates through the generosity of time and effort of many many volunteers. Often the effort put in by these people is not acknowledged as well as it should be. All members of Parklands United Sports Club want to thank all volunteers, both past and present, who have given of their time for the good of this club and the Parklands community.The following list is to acknowledge the efforts of volunteers who have contributed 5 or more years service to the club. 

Coaches: Dave Fairless, Guy Arnett, Peter Livingstone, Luke Campfens, Jamie Hawker, Colleen Stokes, Dave Toohey, Roger Welsh, Darren Booth, Glenn Mayall, John Breitmeyer, Peter Carr, Bryan Lewington, Howard Nicholas, Shane Dyer, Hayden Best, Steve Narbey, Dale Flanagan, Darren Clements, Steve Docherty, Jason Fletcher, Derek Hartley, Justin 'Chopzz' Watson, James Couch, Martin Trouth, Grant Hale, Justin Cope, Kalina Panfilow

Team Managers: Heather Couch, Sandy Welsh, Natalie Welsh, Henk Stoffers, Richard King, Waiana O'Donnell

Club Administrators: Debbie Newman, Nigel Newman, Ryan Bodger, John Calverley, Peter Skinley, Cam MacMillan, Jo Ormsby, Roger Welsh, Cliff Bishop