Pukekohe Amateur Athletic & Harrier Club


WHEN: Tuesdays – 6pm to 7pm (October to March)

WHERE: Navigation Homes Stadium, Pukekohe

  • Grade 2: Born between 1st of January and 31st of December 2019
  • Grade 3: Born between 1st of January and 31st of December 2018
  • Grade 4: Born between 1st of January and 31st of December 2017
  • Grade 5: Born between 1st of January and 31st of December 2016
  • Grade 6: Born between 1st of January and 31st of December 2015


The focus of tiny tots’ athletics is to have fun! Each session the athletes are grouped with others of the same gender and age. They participate in track events from 30m to 60m.  Parents are more than welcome to run with their child or simply be at the end of the track to cheer them on. However, we aim to build confidence in the children and to encourage them to participate independently when they are ready.

We are aware that children have different learning styles, each responding differently to new situations. Some will want to participate straight away while others will spend a lot of time just watching. It may take a couple of weeks before your child begins to get actively involved. This is fine! Encourage them to join in at their own pace and to participate in the activities of their choice. Watching mum or dad running with you can be a good way to build confidence.

We run the first two weeks of club nights as ‘have a go’ nights and you are more than welcome to bring your children down to try before committing to registering for the season.


Everyone involved at the club is a volunteer. Our committee plan the weekly programmes, however each club night we need help with setting up and packing up the equipment, organising the athletes into their age groups and recording results. Parents are required to help with these tasks. If you are asked to help, please do so. At club nights, a parent or caregiver must attend and is responsible for the behaviour of their child/children.

Please ensure that the tiny tots do not cross the centre of the field at any stage during club nights. Please walk around the track to the tiny tots section.


Tiny tots don’t require a specific uniform. We suggest something which your child feels comfortable running in. Once you have registered, you can pick up an age patch from the committee desk on club nights. This must be pinned to the front of your child’s top. We recommend that tiny tots have bare feet, but they are more than welcome to wear shoes.


Tiny tots (2 to 6 years) $35. If you are new to the club, it is an Athletics New Zealand requirement that we sight either your child’s birth certificate or passport. This can be brought down to club night or emailed to Kirsten Marx (club secretary) at marxfamily.outlook.nz. Registration can then be confirmed and an age patch issued.


Each club night that children attend they receive 1 point for attendance. Further points are gained at each track or field event they compete in.

3 points for 1st

2 points for 2nd

1 point for 3rd

Triple points are earned at the end of season club champs events.


 Our tiny tots are also encouraged to attend weekend Open Days held at other clubs throughout the summer season.  These are advertised on our Facebook page and on the Junior 2020/2021 calendar.


The date of the first club night of the season will be confirmed later in the year. There will be a break over the Christmas period and starting again at the end of January. The last club night will be at the end of March 2022.